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Manufacturers Of Rubber Products

Strict Quality standards  >  Reliable workmanship   >  Competitive costing >   Complete Customer satisfaction   

We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves as quality rubber component manufacturer i.e. ‘O’ ring, gaskets & metal rubber bounded parts for automobile & other industries etc. since 1975. We are having well equipped plant with testing facility and a team of well qualified technical and administrative staff.

We have dexterity in developing rubber component from Neoprene, Nitrile, E.P.D.M, Viton, natural, silicon etc. and the level of quality achieved is comparable to any international standard.

We are committed to supply of quality material well in time as per the schedule and as per the specification of our renowned customers to meet their specific needs.

With an intention to get our company registered as one of your approved vendors for the supplies of rubber components, we are enclosing here with our complete company profile and we request you to kindly send your prescribed vendor registration form, dealing.

However, if you desire any further clarification/information please feel free to write to us.


Vivek’s highly focused target is to meet the Leadership Standards of Quality, Reliability and Services in the field of molded rubber parts industries in India as well as other countries.

With our diverse capabilities and expertise we will try to expand the standard definition of Rubber Industry. Along with our comprehensive infrastructure, we take absolute responsibilities to fulfill the requirements.

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Vivek Industries is registered with IMDS. The IMDS is the automotive industry material data system.

It is a joint development of Audi, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Opel, Porsche, VW and the Swedish firm Volvo. In the IMDS, all materials used for car manufacture are archived and maintained. In this way is it possible to meet the obligations placed on car manufacturers and their suppliers by national and international standards, laws and regulations.